Echoes of Ladino

Gal Patal

Ladino is an endangered Jewish language that was spoken by my ancestors for generations.

This project explores ways to meaningfully preserve a language that is no longer tied to a physical place or location. Through several methods and processes, I have used an old Ladino font called Solitreo to find ways to connect myself and others to the language. Since light is a big part of Jewish culture and tradition, I incorporated it as a symbol of hope and safety in my final objects.

Melded lights:
These clay tealight holders have on them a version of the Solitreo font that is merged with the modern Hebrew font – therefore enabling Hebrew speakers to read and understand it. They say ‘Shabbat Shalom’ (peaceful Saturday), which is a greeting we use every Friday night. The shadows created by the candles show only the Solitreo version of the greeting, highlighting the original font.

Solitreo Lamp:
This lamp was made following a workshop where I asked people to write what they would like to preserve from their culture. Participants used stamps with Solitreo letters on the bottom and Hebrew letters on the top.

These objects offer a new perspective on Ladino and are a way to facilitate conversations about our different cultures and their importance to us.

Website: https://galdesigns.cargo.site
Email: galpatel15@gmail.com


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