Pedal. Push. Perambulate.

Freddie Alexander-Morris

Expanding on the ideas of Psychogeography, Guy Debord, and the Situationist International, ‘Pedal. Push. Perambulate.’ explores three separate exploratory dérive journeys, all beginning at the same location. The existing contributions to the concept of the dérive have revolved solely around the act of walking, thus, ‘Pedal. Push. Perambulate.’ investigates how our experience of space changes depending on how we traverse it, whether that be via walking, cycling, or skateboarding.

The project highlights the different ways we experience urban environments depending on the mode of transport being used to do so, investigating the difference in routes we take, the recognition of the changes in pace, and certain things we notice (or fail to notice), such as, people, vehicles, artefacts, architecture, conversation, juxtaposition, and texture.

The use of the harsh, gritty, monochromatic imagery throughout the project is used to highlight detail that we often fail to perceive, relating to the ideas of the dérive, involving playful-constructive behaviour, awareness of psychogeographical effects and identifying aspects of the urban environment which are ordinarily overlooked.

‘Pedal. Push. Perambulate.’ is presented in the form of a 10-minute film and an A3 newsprint publication.

Instagram: @freddieam
Website: freddiealexandermorris.cargo.site
Email: freddieam@googlemail.com


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