Aren’t we all just a bunch of aliens?

Flo Bender

My project explores the dehumanisation and alienation of gender-diverse people and their lived experience. It aims to humanise this, and I have dedicated my exploration of gender throughout the year to my work. Through debunking binary norms, which exist as post-colonial ideology, I want to mock the idea of othering that is upheld by cis/hetero normativity. This project is for those who don’t know any gender-diverse people, but simultaneously for people who do, and want to build on the connection they already have to the community. The film acts as a form of generosity, hopefully giving people a chance to form a bond between them and me. I welcome people to laugh, cry and cringe with me.

Instagram: @awajaboa/@benderthebumbaclart
Website: Awajaboa.com
Email: fbender1@outlook.com


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