Ellen Brandi

My project is centred around the ways in which I can display the invisible history of those directly affected by the gentrification in Southwark by in turn, creating an immersive environment. My process led me from exploring the ways in which erasing and replacing creates new, perpetuated realities and through this practice led me to create my own ‘religion’, a space to be completely bombarded with the reality of many. My project is an auditory experience, meant to shock, to confuse, to imitate the reality of many who are affected by the mass erasion of what is around them. The experience is supposed to be confusing, to be questioned… misunderstood. We can never really know what happens around us, especially when it is hidden from us. This experience aims to build the bridge between the simulation, capitalism and gentrification…allowing us to truly open our mind to those most invisible yet most often around us.

Instagram: @ellxnb/@byellxn
Email: ellenbrandi@hotmail.co.uk


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