Let ‘em come, (to a ‘proper pub’)

Ell Lenton

This project focuses on the intricate relationship between material  and social architecture within pubs, exploring these establishments  as an essential social territory in British culture and examining their  role in communities. 

I have created multiple variations of material and social  interventions that respectfully and subtly redistribute my research  and diverse voices back into the pub's territory. Each intervention  involves carefully selected materials to explore the effect of  permanence and temporality, from embroidering onto barstools that  have been a fixture in the pub for 37 years to using disposable beer  mats printed with many different experiences of pubs.

By considering the very fabric of pubs as witnesses and bearers of  ephemeral moments unique to this social space, I conceptualise the  interventions as experimental ways of communicating my conflicting  relationship with the pub - both abject and beguiling. 

While acknowledging the challenges, ugliness, and issues present  in pubs, my interventions do not seek to eradicate the gritty  grossness that makes them so special. Instead, they offer a way to  quietly critique and reflect upon these complicated characteristics  while respecting and celebrating the pub's identity as a unique social space.

Website: https://elllentondesign.portfoliobox.net
Email: ell.lentondesign@outlook.com


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