Only the birds remain

Elissa Lenoir Ajaka

Only the birds remain, is a story-generating installation. As you complete the puzzle, an image will appear and so will an AI-generated story associated with what lies before your eyes.

This project is an exploration of my experience and trauma from the war I lived through as a child. In an attempt to protect itself from pain, the brain erases and transforms traumatic memories. When trying to heal from said trauma, we try to make sense of what we lived through by putting together the little information we have. While stuck in a war zone, I was told stories of what was happening around us. In those stories the bombs became birds and the fields in which I played were invaded by bugs. Over the years the stories took over and are the only memories I have left. This project is my way of coming to terms with what I lived through and starting conversations with my loved ones about our shared experience of the war.

In the same way, I use these stories to heal, I hope others can use this system to heal from their own trauma, start conversations and learn more about themselves and those they love.

Instagram: @eli.aart
Email: elissa.lenoir@gmail.com


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