The fabric of my heritage

Daniela Morris

‘The fabric of my heritage’ is an exploration of my Colombian heritage through rug making. A question asked frequently during my project was: “How can we preserve our cultural heritage when living hundreds of miles away?”

This project was about harnessing the culture of my upbringing and using rugs and textiles as a means to encapsulate that. Having used colours and forms from my time in Colombia I have created a series of objects that will always hold a cultural meaning. They are a tool for protecting one’s culture, whilst preventing the loss of heritage that can occur due to migration.

Having researched the importance of land and home it was important to create something that could act as extension of this. The use of textiles in human history is immense and constantly evolving. It therefore seemed fitting to use it as my main material. The ongoing narrative of textiles in the world could co – exist with my very own history.


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