“Handle with care; a collection of short stories”

Cornelia Skrok

My project uses storytelling to reflect on the complexity of our relationships with objects and investigate how our consumption patterns can aid or hinder our sense of identity and belonging. I try to argue that consumption does not have meaning in itself, it is the relationship and care that we have for these objects that can make them meaningful. Hence, it aims to encourage questioning relationships with objects and our consumption patterns on a personal and societal level.

The narrative is conveyed through a mixed-media animation and an accompanying track which was made in collaboration with two music students. It consists of five stories of very different individuals but with a focus on one identical mass-produced mug that is owned by each of the characters. Each section is done in a different style, including a sketch part, collage section, digital chapter, digital and painting section and finally a gel print act that involves some film work as well. In this way, other than just discussing a particular object’s relation to the creation of an individual’s sense of belonging, it also offers a critique of mass production and promotes the idea of seeing value in simple objects.

link to the animation: https://youtu.be/1Nr8AnelwpQ

Instagram: @cornelia.skrok
Website: https://cornworks.cargo.site/Homepage
Email: corneliaskrok@gmaill.com


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