Cherrie Tong

Cameramics is a re-discovery of the wonders of camera technology through the prehistoric and organic nature of ceramics.

The clash between modern technology and this ancient material creates an unrecognisable, eerie object that does not belong anywhere. By removing the interface of a camera, Cameramics detach humans from the convenience of human-centred technology. Once again we become un-skilled, appreciative, and unable to comprehend this objectionable "camera".

The experience of using this unusual, fragile, and uncontrollable object, examines our over-dependence on a technology we never fully understand. We are moving away from the orders and rules created by humans, celebrating the strangeness in objects through the image-capturing process. Everyone, any individual who seeks a meditative journey to create uncontrollable and unplannable images; or the digital natives who would like to escape the virtual realm and investigate their surroundings, are all invited and head onto a bizarre, adventurous journey with this image-capturing device.

It is not about capturing a moment or recording information, but to remember the moment itself. It is the experience of the photographer, the camera, and the surroundings: because that is what forms an instance in life. It is a change in the relationship between humans, functionality, and material technology.

Instagram: @tong_cherrie/@cherrie_drops
Website: cherriedrops.com
Email: tongcherrie@gmail.com


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