Peeping On Tom

Charlotte Ross

Examining our voyeuristic behaviours, when do they cross boundaries?

From our cinematic indulgences of vicariously seeing through someone else’s eyes, to more definitive lines in our societal attempts to draw up boundaries through law. How technology when introduced to these observers and observed power dynamics more often than not widens the gulf, putting the observed under a microscope.

I’m setting up means for the user to examine their own compliance in this grey space, making the viewer conscious they are an observer, a voyeur and the power that wields. It is based on a real environment, housemates may know objects and their stories, and friends may only know of them in the sense that everyone must have a bedroom. Strangers may know the layout of a terrace house but the inhabitant is speculative. The inhabitant is only revealed through their consented knowledge of them and their interrogation of the details, through their actions as a voyeur.

Unabashed stare.
Crack in the curtains.
Keyless lock.
Space yawning beneath the door.
Vicarious living through someone on screen.
Remote glassy eyes of digitized technology hide the observer, which means eyes do not meet, cannot meet.
That creates the dynamic of the observer and the observed.

Instagram: @peepingontom
Website: https://clross.cargo.site
Email: charlotte.lydia.ross@gmail.com


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