Parasite Territory

Cassandra Dickinson

Parasite Territory is a project that engages with Parasites and the Microscopic world through design. It focuses on locating parallels between the relationship parasites have with their host, and the relationship humans have with their host, the Earth. The project uses costume, set design and performance, as well as horror and humour to explore ideas.

Scale and scale swapping is a massive part of this project. It’s visible in the aesthetics, the artefacts, and the research. But especially, as a tool to confront humans. By bringing the microbial world to a human-sized scale, it suddenly looks quite different. It can reveal to us just how human-centred we are, in trying to solve all our problems based on human perspective.

This change in perspective is shown through world-building, specifically making a parasite costume and props from the Microbial world, reimagined in a human scale. These objects link humans and parasites together, revealing how they can be somewhat interchangeable. They also question the role of scale in deciding how important something is, by having the chance to think about things that aren’t human scale.

Instagram: @cass_made_it
Email: cass.rosed96@gmail.com


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