‘A Confluence’ 2023

Cam Harris

Difference and repetition, by Deleuze 1968, recognizes difference as a mode of exploring fixed identities/ categorical expressions that are otherwise produced through the representational nature of observation.

It understands that representation provides fixed-states or meanings that recognize a pre-delineation, or a previous experience or understanding of a marked state or identity. The problem with such modes of thinking, and learning, is we fail to recognize the shifting flows of state that happen in all things. Those states of being are constantly shifting in flux with its exterior.

I look at difference, through the mode of ‘Black Box’ systems (a confluence), as a mediator and a site to be explored. Sites of an unknowable nature, that react through a process of contiguity to create possibility, and break ties with a representative past.

My research is interested in extending human activity, through Actor-Network (ANT) as a method of realising overlooked shadows of meaning that may be fed into new narratives. By inserting contingency and novelty back into (more than) human-activity, we realise a continuity of human perception.

Instagram: @hrrriis
Website: harris.cargo.site


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