Concept Overview

Bridget Mosiya

I began my project fascinated by the concept of swimwear, specifically women’s swimwear and how the design of popular swimwear changed from practical one-piece swimsuits to now the standard triangle two-piece bikini. I found the use of the material interesting because it was the only thing separating a bikini from underwear. This then led me to explore the depths of female representation in the media more specifically female characters. In my exploration of the popular game Grand Theft Auto, my project began to unfold. How do video games affect us? It was clear to me the many ways it can affect boys/men however I couldn’t define how it may affect girls/women. Is this due to the lack of female representation in video games? With this In mind, I then began to imagine and design an idea of what a female character would look and be like within the game ( Grand Theft Auto 5 ). This project creates a subcategory of the link between character creation and garments, with swimwear as the medium.

Instagram: @bmasqueddesigns 
Email: bridgetmosiya@live.co.uk


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