Bobby Ingham

‘Amateurs’ pays homage to online video distribution and the first emerging clips that helped form its existence. The founding of YouTube in 2005, marked a landmark in digital history. People flocked online to share homemade videos of their kids, practical jokes, tutorials, and performances. The accumulation of YouTube videos that exist over a decade after their upload, offer a glimpse into the lives of others. It is this use of video to document the everyday that is intrinsic to 'Amateurs'. Distributing Flip cameras to friends and family inexperienced in film making a.k.a. Amateurs, I recreate the homemade videos integral to our generation's digital awakening.

The choice to use the Flip for 'Amateurs' stemmed from its embodying of videos' early existence online. The decision to acquire YouTube by Google in October of 2005, was determined by the release of the Flip Video Camera five months prior. The Flip Videos basic interface and flip out USB port helped drive the transition of video into the online.

The metal installation structure takes inspiration from early cyber aesthetics. Using 'The Old Net' I gathered graphics and commentary from outdated YouTube webpages. Screen-printing these onto the structure reflects YouTube's visual identity and its links to 'amateurism'.

Instagram: @bobby.ingham 
Website: www.bobbyingham.com


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