Bella Yashin Geiwald

“HORN’Y’” explores the intersections of the symbolism and materialities of horns within human culture, with a focus on their relationships to nature, animals, sexuality, and ritual. Through methods of costume design, and set design, this project follows a transformative path that both re-contextualises and re-claims the fertile qualities embodied by horns. It examines the impact of horn iconography on our relationship with nature, utilising it as a powerful tool for reconnection, while also exploring human-animal relations, and challenging the outdated dichotomy between culture, body, and nature.

The ritual and sculptural props in this project hope to give the viewer an experience of ‘Becoming the animal’ that breaks away at the boundaries of our societal disconnection from nature and the ongoing contest between human biology and the environment and draws on horns different roles in diverse cultural rituals.

The research for the costume includes socio-cultural ideas where horns and sexuality merge through Eurocentric dichotomies and oppositions of women in politics and science. It holds the opinion that it is essential to understand the textuality of all levels of examination surrounding horns and our involvement in perpetuating the stereotypes.

Instagram: @bellagwald 
Email: bellageiwald26@gmail.com


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