"Threads of Home: Expressing the inexpressible"

Avina Jain

"Threads of Home: Expressing the Inexpressible" is a project very close to my heart. It delicately captures the emotional odyssey of being an International student. Saree here is my canvas, on which I translate my emotions related to homesickness, anxiety, self-discovery or anything in the form of intricate embroidery, patchwork and printing, forming a visually communicative narrative. What better than a saree- a medium that brings both the cultural aspect and a sense of home to my project.

This transformative process serves as a therapeutic outlet, bridging the gap between personal journey and viewer’s understanding. Each stitch becomes a powerful symbol of communication and empathy.

Exploring the significance of cultural identity, the project intertwines art therapy and mindfulness with the art of threadwork. Fabric pieces from loved ones’ old clothes add layers of nostalgia and depth, weaving an aspect of resilience, growth, and the universal longing for connection.

"Threads of Home" serves as a poignant reminder that home extends beyond physical boundaries, residing in the love, comfort, and enduring bonds that shape our lives. Through this tender journey, I invite reflection on personal experiences and the profound impact of embracing emotions and dealing with them.

Instagram: @avinahh_/@thecolorrushh
Email: avinajain2109@gmail.com


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