EvoLang: An Emergent, Representative, Representational Language | VRLang: Language In Three + Dimensions

Ash Mohammed-Grange

Most people communicate using symbol systems older than steam engines, the nature of their abstraction discordant with our innate, experiential ways of understanding; literacy in particular is slow to acquire, remaining problematic for many, into adulthood. Writing excludes visual/vocal nuances - the rise of Emoji (itself controlled by a nine-member digi-technocracy) highlighting the need for a more representational form of communication.

EvoLang.chat hosts an emergent, fluid language of universally-intuitive pictographic characters ( "grams"), that are user-submittable and dynamic; the most used 121 maintaining their place on the keyboard, while the least used are archived. With only a suggested initial grammar based on synthesis, Suggested Definitions (grammatical usages) for each character, democratically upvoted, guide the transition from traditional languages.

VRLang takes this into VR/MR, pushing the boundaries of communication by allowing discourse through avatar and environmental alterations. 3D grams (including user-generatable forms, articulating previously ineffable concepts from AI’s mind), are structured using an instinctive grammar, based on Kant's conception of how we process the world. Grams can be connected logically and conceptually, forming dynamic 3D sentences you can walk around, and manipulate. Adjectives directly modify their targets, while inclusive multimodality allows grams to develop sound or haptic expressions via BCI + generative AI.

Instagram: @ashmgdesign
Email: hello@evolang.chat/ashmohammedgrange@hotmail.com

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