‘Becoming With’

Ananya Dunn

‘Becoming with’ is a phrase coined by Donna Haraway to describe a way of extending our understanding of the world and therefore, our understanding of being human.

My research is interested in challenging our anthropocentric ways of being human by working with the speculative concept of ‘becoming with’, through plants growing on the human body. By growing a second skin, I look to weave the human landscape with nonhuman lives so we may begin to restore intimate kinship and relearn a practice of relating to and with plant life.

As we root ourselves to the earth and entangle our physical bodies with other lifeforms, through this second skin, we may be reminded that the human species is not the solitary individual it wants to be, but instead it is entwined to the lives around it, everything acting on us as we act upon it, everybody worthy of care.

As Jessica Morgan and Dorethea von Hantelmann have put it, ‘If you see plants and water as part of your existence, then why would you want to damage them?’ (2021, pg.18)

Website: https://ananyadunn.cargo.site/
Email: ananyadunn@gmail.com


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