Modern-Day Saints

Amy Bean

My project collates and shares accounts of individual heroines into a publication. I formed a collective investigation into how both historic and current female stories have been silenced or manipulated by society.

Using the language of religious sainthood I want to encourage the honouring of female achievement over demonetisation. Included in this issue are conversations with 4 different women on their saints Dolly Parton, Joan of Arc, Joanna Newsom and Virginia Woolf. Each section explores the individual’s chosen female saint - what they mean to them and how they have been misunderstood by society. It aims to inspire a more nuanced understanding of womanhood and begins to map the ways in which women are stereotyped.

Part of this multimedia publication includes posters, metal appliques and postcards for each saint that aims to challenge celebrity material culture and merchandise that can often embody and perpetuate a stereotype.

Instagram: @aeileeenbean
Email: amy.bean810@gmail.com


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