Irresponsible Utopia

Alice Ferrante

“Irresponsible Utopia” brings you into a thought-provoking parallel world, where the power of honesty reigns supreme and the manipulative web of lies woven by fast fashion brands is dismantled.

This project delves deep into the realms of media and material language to challenge conventional narratives and reveal the secrets behind the façade of Greenwashing advertisements.

Introduction to this world is a newly made vocabulary, which states new definitions for the most used terms by the brands.

For each of these satirical terms, a collection of curated videos was created, generating a campaign in which the stores shamelessly describe all the destruction and issues that have been spreading.

Complementing the media experience are the three symbolic garments that represent the values of “Responsibility” - “Organic” – “Care”.

All three are characterised by the use of plastic shipping bags, utilised during the manufacture of each outcome.

“Irresponsible Utopia” is a call to action.

Immersing participants in a parallel world exposes the dark truths that lie beneath the surface. A catalyst for reflection, awareness, and ultimately, a positive change.

I collaborated with Helen, Ana and Frank, who, like me, have worked in retail stores, and sharing the concept of my project, have experienced this world, which provoked in them reflections and actions.


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