Custom Bodies

Aleksandra Cwikla

Inspired by daily experiences and existence in constant flux, identity plays a crucial role in a person's well-being, sense of fulfilment, and belonging both within a society and their own body. Unfortunately, mainstream culture often pushes the idea of defining oneself early in life to fit in, which creates tension for those who are unable or unwilling to conform. Using the body as a canvas and a tool for design interventions, I aim to shift the current discourse on identity, to one which is more experimental, playful and celebrates the individual. Transcending the border between fiction and reality, speculating the future of a customised body.

Garments in the Custom Bodies collection allow quick body modifications, enabling experimentation with the body without making long-term commitments or undergoing invasive procedures. It provides a playful and exploratory way for experiencing personal identity following one's desires or needs. By combining the innocence of play with the complexities of real life, the garments invite the use of bodies as a site for the exploration of the self with confidence and creativity.

Instagram: @komirebi
Website: https://alekscwikla.cargo.site
Email: aleksecwikla@gmail.com


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