Time To Be

Aikaterini Aznaourova

“We need time to dream, time to remember, and time to reach the infinite. Time to be.”- Taber Gladys Bagg
What is time? How does it work? What is the perception of time? How do we feel about time? In his theory of relativity, Einstein stated that as well as the three dimensions (height, width, and depth), there is a fourth one: time. And time is relative. In other words, our frame of reference determines the rate at which time passes. However, what was my frame of reference? Time flows through dreams, memories, and the infinite and connects the past, present, and future. The aim was to illustrate the idea that the time which passes through these notions is identical. As our memories determine and influence our future, our dreams are products from our past, suppressed wishes and they have an impact on our present and future, while infinite time is an absolute substance that connects our past and future. Wouldn't we feel less terrified if we knew how to feel time? From very early on in our lives to this day, we collect and are full of experience and wisdom. Wouldn't it be less frightening if we could realise that the only infinite thing is love? 

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