So there’s this Holiday Inn in Ashford

Aasiya Khalil

My project is rooted in the ‘refugee crisis’ and how the refugee community can be better represented and supported. Within the context of a very anti-immigrant, Brexiter government, refugees arriving in the UK and those staying at Holiday Inns across Kent have faced an insurmountable amount of hostility and prejudice. Thus, my concept evolved from a desire to contribute something positive to an otherwise very negatively portrayed socio-political disaster.

Where there are people from such a vast range of backgrounds, it was clear to see that one thing they were collectively feeling was a cultural disconnect. One thing I found was really easy to connect with people over was food. Discussing their stories and experiences through food was a really effective way to connect with people in a really open and heartwarming way, whilst still allowing their stories to be heard.

The publications and material I designed throughout the project are intended to both support and connect with those who have connections to migration or have been through themselves and challenge the current narrative surrounding refugees, especially within Kent.

Instagram: @aasiyart


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